POS Dealer

POS Dealer: Why Choosing the Right POS Dealer is Vital to Getting the Best POS System

When companies purchase point of sale systems, many of them place a lot of importance on the POS software, hardware, and overall systems integration. As they should. However, many companies don’t place enough focus on the character of the POS Dealer.

When you invest in a POS system, you’re buying a relationship with the POS dealer, not just a product. In fact, the “quality” of the POS Dealer’s company is usually just as important as the product itself.

Why is the POS dealer so important? Well…

After you purchase the POS system, you will rely on the POS dealer to supply updates, training, technical support, and possibly hardware. Having a good relationship with your POS dealer could mean the difference between a POS system that works and helps you manage and increase sales, and an technological headache.

Evaluating a POS Dealer Company
Consider what would happen if the POS Dealer went out of business. Dozens of POS Dealers come and go every year. Thus, you should think about how stable your POS dealer company is before you buy from them. How long has the POS dealer been in business? Are they a large company or a small company? These questions, and others, are the sorts of questions you may want to ask before you buy.
Will the POS dealer give you software updates when you need them? You don’t want to find yourself using outdated software, especially when a better, more up-to-date version could help you improve sales and manage your business more efficiently. And you shouldn’t have to switch POS dealers just to get the latest software innovation. So getting software updates from your POS dealer is a big plus.
How long will your POS dealer take to answer your questions? Will they be available to help you when you need them? Or will you find yourself frequently stuck in a bind, needing technical assistance that is not available. Check with the POS dealer’s previous clients about their service record.
What if the retail point of sale software has a bug and the POS dealer won’t fix it? Be sure you understand ahead of time what kinds of warranties and guarantees the POS dealer offers for both software and equipment.
Will the POS dealer give you sufficient training? You want to go with a POS dealer who will show you how to properly use the system so that you can get the most out of it, and so that your sales reports don’t end up showing the wrong totals.
How long will it take you to get help from one of the POS dealer’s support technicians? This is an important question to ask, since down time in your business could cost you sales.
The truth is, the level of service and the financial stability of the POS dealer is far more important than many businesses and retailers think. It’s critical to evaluate the POS dealer’s company; otherwise you could run into some frustrating and expensive problems.

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