Point of Sale Hardware

WHEN IT COMES to point of sale hardware, the vast majority of new point of sale systems depend on PCs, while a shrinking percentage are built on proprietary platforms. The advantage to the PC point of sale hardware platform is that when you have a point of sale hardware problem, you can typically replace the part with off-the shelf hardware or get it serviced by a local technician. On the other hand, the operating systems and point of sale hardware of the proprietary outfits have been used in the restaurant environment for decades and are rock solid.

While there are several order-entry interfaces from which to choose, the trendiest and fastest point of sale hardware item is the touchscreen.

Yes, they’ve been around for a while now and some early adopters might have had some difficulty with accuracy, but touchscreens have since matured and are now in their prime. They speed order entering and accuracy–what more can you ask?


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